The dough to these soft-as-hell cookies is blended with banana pudding mix, a generous helping of crushed nilla wafers, and studded with semi-sweet chocolate chips. You want a few. I can tell.

Song giving me life: Childish Gambino – Redbone

Are you ready for the excellence that will be Black Panther? Tell me tickets have been purchased and optimal seating has been selected. You know what I mean. The sweet spot where visual meets sound meets acoustics?  I hope you picked that out.

I am ready for Black Panther. Been ready. So.Ready. I don’t have my ‘I AM WAKANDA’ t-shirt yet, but I think my ‘Reclaiming My Time’ t-shirt is fitting for the momentousness of this occasion. I am giving my dollas to this movie no less than 5 times. I am risking movie seat bedbugs for this flick and it’s going to be worth it.

There is a chance I will sneak in my own popcorn, ‘cause movie snacks be ‘spensive and sometimes I hover between classy and street. Plus I make bomb ass popcorn.

I wonder if I can sneak in a thermos of sparkling lemonade.

Or perhaps you can sneak in…


Flow with me… Let’s talk about these cookies.

I baked these cookies… *checks image metadata* back in June of 2017. I, um… Apparently I must have been wearing either a pink or red t-shirt when I shot these images. As you can see, the spatula in the photos give off a pinkish hue.

I decided not to publish the recipe thinking I would re-take these shots. I never got around to it. So here they are in their pinkish spatula glory.

These cookies had been on my mind all last spring. I love banana pudding. Like, love – love. I developed a dope ass banana pudding recipe with ripe banana and a homemade spiced banana liqueur some years back. Seek it out. It is truly one of life’s greatest pleasures. I thought, why not use the pudding concept and bake them into cookies?

Except… Well… I was a bit lazy in 2017.

I took a bit of a shortcut.

I whipped out a box of Jell-O banana pudding and mixed it into a basic cookie dough flavored with banana liqueur and a bit of vanilla extract. In addition to chocolate chips I added crushed Nilla wafers to the dough, creating a cookie ‘Inception’ situation. I baked them for about 10 minutes and out came these super soft, banana flavored cookies. I almost smacked my mama for not teaching me this life skill. You shouldn’t have to wait ‘till you’re almost 40 for this.

I don’t want to encourage sneaking cookies into movie theatres. But if you must sneak a snack into the Black Panther movie, I’d say go with these. Definitely try the popcorn recipes.

These cookie are about to blow the lid off all other pudding type cookies. The same way Black Panther is about to blow the lid off all the Marvel movies.

Yeah, I said it.

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