A buttery, super easy homemade pie crust holds a filling of sweetened vanilla bean infused strawberries and milk chocolate chips. This Strawberry Chocolate Galette may sound fancy, but it’s the easiest dessert you’ll make this summer!

Song giving me life: Indian Summer – The Doors


Men of all ages!

Boys! You too – Gather round.

I’m going to spit some bars.

Just kidding. I don’t know how to spit bars. I’m always off by a millisecond. Mostly because I don’t know when to go in.

Me spitting bars is kind of like this double dutch gif.

I’ve got some knowledge to impart and I need you to listen. Gentlemen… The ladies had a meeting. We spoke at length about you and we came to a general consensus. Y’all need to do better.

You’re slipping.

Husbands… You’re slipping.

Boyfriends… You’re slipping.

Friends who want to desperately get out of the friend zone and side pieces? You’re doing alright. Keep grinding.

But you –  The boyfriend, the husband – Ya’ll are just neglecting your boos. Stop it. Stop it now. I’m here to help.

Flow with me, let’s talk about this Strawberry Chocolate Galette.

I’ve spoke about this before. The ladies? We dig effort. It’s simple. Effort.

Your lady digs it when you wash the dishes without being asked, or sweep the floor instead of pointing out the dust bunny in the corner.

She loves it when you put in a load of laundry and remember to transfer it to the dryer BEFORE it gets all moldy.

Her eyes glaze over with love when you help put away the groceries. And when you put the toilet seat back down? Shiieeet. That’s the holy grail right there.

These are little things. They take very little effort on your part. So why aren’t you doing them more often?

Let’s talk about this galette.

What is a galette?

A galette is a rustic free-form pie situation. You’re not graded on neatness or lattice skills. In fact, no lattice skills are required in the making of a galette. This is an open faced pie deal with a homemade crust.

Yes, a homemade crust.

Don’t panic, chill.

The crust come together in less than 3 minutes in a food processor.

You can fill galettes with sweet or savory options. I chose strawberries and chocolate because it’s sexy. I want you to succeed here.

The strawberries are sweetened with sugar and flavored with vanilla extract. A little cornstarch is added. Strawberries are juicy, yo.

The pie crust is rolled out into something that resembles a circle. The strawberries are spooned in the center and dotted with chocolate chips. Pop in the oven and allow it to do its thing – Cook the strawberries, brown the crust, and melt the chocolate chips.

Galettes will make you look like a badass in the kitchen. This Strawberry Chocolate Galette screams romance. It tells your lady that she matters.

And that’s really all women want to hear and feel.

That they matter and shit.

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