This Strawberry Tres Leche Cake is luscious, creamy, and bursting with fresh strawberries. It’s almost a religious experience. Almost…

Strawberry Tres Leche Cake {}

Alright – Stop!

Not in the name of love.

Not because it’s Hammer Time.

But because I want you to stop, look, and listen. OK – You don’t really have to listen.

Just stop and look.

Strawberry Tres Leche Cake {}

I baked this cake yesterday for Mr. M.O.B. He’s a year older and you have to commemorate these things. With cake. Before he gets too old to remember. And people – He’s getting there.

I have to admit – Baking cakes for him is truly satisfying.

Strawberry Tres Leche Cake {}

Why? The man does love his cake. He’s like Cookie Monster; if Cookie Monster loved to eat cakes. He’s Cake Monster.  Before we met I had never seen anyone eat that much cake. I used to watch in amazement as he’d polish an entire pound cake with nothing but a tall glass of milk.

For real.

Strawberry Tres Leche Cake {}

This year he asked for two cakes – And seriously – How could I say no? One of his choices was this tres leche cake. Tres leche is a special kind of cake. It’s a sturdy cake soaked in three milks – Evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk, and heavy cream. It is luscious, it is creamy – And I took that situation a step further with a vanilla bean soaked milk mixture, and a macerated strawberry and whipped cream filling.

Strawberry Tres Leche Cake {}

Usually tres leche cakes aren’t stacked because soaking a cake in a milk mixture makes that jammy pretty heavy. We’re celebrating a birthday. Birthday cakes are stacked. We’re stacking. If you want to make this stacked action happen – You’ll need a very sturdy cake to pull this situation off. Thankfully Fine Cooking has a very sturdy recipe which uses egg yolks folded egg whites and no butter. I modified the recipe to use two 8 inch rounds instead of one pyrex dish.

Strawberry Tres Leche Cake {}

How do you make it?

Flow with me…

First you slice and macerate strawberries – Which is just sprinkling sugar over slices berries to bring out their delicious summer flavor. Cakes are baked and poked, soaking liquid is mixed, and whipped cream topping is whipped.

Strawberry Tres Leche Cake {}

Then it’s just soak the cakes and fill as you would any other cake. I went sort of naked here, as tres leche cakes won’t dry out. To keep the cake from toppling I placed it in a springform pan with a rimmed platter underneath. You’re going to need the platter, because spring form pans don’t hold liquid puddles.

Strawberry Tres Leche Cake {}

When you’re ready to serve, just remove the springform portion and leave the cake in the dish. This recipe seems kind of long, but I’m just being thorough. This recipe really comes together pretty quickly.

Now I know what you’re thinking – How does this taste?! Well… Let’s just say Mr. M.O.B. dove in with a spoon and didn’t come up for air until half the cake was gone. And he only gave up because otherwise we’d have to roll his ass to bed.

That’s a proper indicator, don’t you think?

Strawberry Tres Leche Cake {}

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