Super fluffy and bursting with a tart strawberry flavor, this strawberry mousse is perfect to fill a luscious cake or a served in dessert cups.

Fresh Strawberry Mousse Recipe --

The two most detrimental questions you can ask at any stage of a relationship are:

  1. What do you love about me?
  2. Why do you love me?

No matter how you answer it will never be acceptable to the person who asked these questions.

Fresh Strawberry Mousse Recipe --

Why do you ask?

Because when someone asks such questions, not only are they rooted in insecurity, there is a checkbox of answers this person has in mind. And you will never tick the correct checkboxes.

Fresh Strawberry Mousse Recipe --

It’s human nature to crave love and to demand love in the manner we envision. So instead of asking why/what and be ultimately disappointed – Why not communicate that checkbox in your head?

Love language is a real thing. The way you receive love is not the way your partner receives love. In relationships, there’s the never-ending power struggle over love. A struggle over who loves the other more, over how love is dispensed, and worse of all –  The withholding of love.

Fresh Strawberry Mousse Recipe --

And that struggle denies the very fabric of love. Let’s halt this power struggle. Instead of seeking personal validation, ask your partner: How do YOU receive love?

Listen to your partner. Like, really listen.

Follow it up with action. Not just one day. Make it a habit. Like flossing.

Fresh Strawberry Mousse Recipe --

And yes, at first you will both resist.

You will think it’s stupid that she receives love when you fold a load of laundry or wash the dishes without being asked.

She will think it’s stupid that you receive love when your socks are placed in the sock drawer by color and size.  Or that you receive love when the remote is placed in its rightful spot and not under her ass.

It won’t kill either of you to learn each other’s love languages and learn to love your partner the right way. Without a struggle for power. Without believing your partner doesn’t love you because he/she didn’t tick the boxes in your head.

Fresh Strawberry Mousse Recipe --

Now flow with me, let’s talk about this Fresh Strawberry Mousse.

I know, I know – You see a chocolate cake peeking out of a fluff of strawberry mousse. Instead of highlighting the mousse in dessert cups I chose to pipe it over a round of this bomb ass chocolate cake. I also drizzled the mousse with a chocolate sauce. Because… Well… chocolate and strawberry is just a sexy combination.

Now back to the mousse. This situation is gelatin stabilized with loads of fresh strawberry puree and strawberry powder. Strawberry powder is pulverized strawberries and I always have some on hand.

Fresh Strawberry Mousse Recipe --

This mousse takes about five minutes to make. There is some chill time, however, especially if you’re using it as a filling. If you’re serving this strawberry mousse in dessert glasses, you can totally skip the chill time. Just make sure you chill the heavy cream and the strawberry puree prior.

About this mousse, I will say: It’s fantastic. The fresh strawberry puree is super enhanced by the addition of dried strawberries. It’s flavored with a splash of vanilla and fluffed with heavy cream.

Fresh Strawberry Mousse Recipe --

It’s sexy.

It is tart.

It’s a love language on its own.

Learn it.

Fresh Strawberry Mouse -
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