A tasty twist on a classic – This Strawberry Vanilla Monkey Bread with deliciously macerated strawberries will be the star of any breakfast or brunch table!

Strawberry Monkey Bread -- www.mind-over-batter.com
I think it goes without saying, homies… June is all about strawberries. Plump, juicy, alternating between sweet and tart. My freezer is bursting with bags of strawberries, ready for smoothies and jam. Strawberries are in abundances and for the most part (at least for now), inexpensive.
Scroll through my recipe box and you’ll find strawberry recipes ranging from ice cream to cake to vodka.
Let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Flow with me and let’s talk about this Strawberry Monkey Bread.
Strawberry Monkey Bread -- www.mind-over-batter.com 
Monkey Bread. Pieces of yeasted dough dipped in butter and rolled in sugar, usually cinnamon sugar. These pieces of dough are allowed to rise and bake. The sugar melts into the balls of dough and it’s the shit.
As much as I love Monkey Bread, I thought it needed a makeover. Remember those shows where someone super frumpy would get a haircut, a new outfit, some makeup and become a whole different person?
Strawberry Monkey Bread -- www.mind-over-batter.com 
That’s what this Strawberry Monkey Bread is. A whole different person… Um… Monkey Bread. Strawberries are macerated with a bit of sugar and a whole lot of vanilla bean paste. Dough rises and is cut into pieces. Uneven pieces because symmetry isn’t my jam. Those pieces of dough are rolled into balls and dipped into melted butter and then rolled in sugar.
I lined them in a bundt pan because it makes sense. The vanilla bean flavored strawberries are then spooned carefully over balls of dough glittery with granulated sugar. You add more dough.
Strawberry Monkey Bread -- www.mind-over-batter.com 
Dough rises.
Dough bakes.
Strawberries bubble.
Dough puffs up, saying it with its chest.
Sugar caramelizes. It’s a beautiful thing.
The monkey bread is inverted onto a plate and left to cool.
A glaze. Cream cheese, pureed strawberries, a bit of vanilla extract, confectioners’ sugar. All of this is mixed and poured or drizzled over the cooled Strawberry Monkey Bread.
I like to attack it with a fork, one monkey bread ball at a time.
Maybe I’ll eat three. Or perhaps half this monkey bread will be gone before I come up for air. Slightly ashamed, overall super happy.
June is about strawberries.
June is about Strawberry Monkey Bread.
Get with that.
Strawberry Monkey Bread -- www.mind-over-batter.com 

Strawberry Monkey Bread -- www.mind-over-batter.com

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