Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you the Snickers Rice Krispies Treat! Dulce de leche and unsalted peanuts are folded into melted marshmallows and Rice Krispies cereal, then topped with more dulce de leche, melted chocolate, and mini Snickers Bars! I challenge you to find a better treat!
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In light of recent events, we need to dial it back some. Back to a simpler time, a more wholesome time. A time when you weren’t afraid of walking down the street or entering a public place with fear in your hearts.
Let’s take it back to childhood. That carefree time where nothing except The Thundercats, and afterschool snacks mattered.
As a wee one, I grew up in poverty. Yes, I grew up poor, and therefore didn’t own things most kids whose parents had more money owned.
I didn’t own a Trapper keeper with a cat on the cover.

Snickers Rice Krispies Treats {}
My book covers were actually grocery store paper bags.

There was never any money for extravagances, such as flavored cereal. I grew up on Corn Flakes covertly sweetened with copious amounts of sugar, the po’ version of Frosted Flakes. Maaaaaaybe Raisin Bran, but that was pushing it. It was mostly Corn Flakes. It was almost always Corn Flakes. And truth be told, I always wanted my bowls to snap crackle and pop. They never did.
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Since childhood I was a lover of all candy bars, and for many years I was a lover of the IDEA of candy bars, seldom having a full .50 cents at once to spend on a Snickers bar, my fave. And even when I did have those rare riches in my pocket my candy of choice was either a peanut chew (the po’ man’s Snickers), Now and Laters or cherry blow pops.

So we were poor. And I didn’t really mind. We weren’t hungry, we were just poor as fuck. Yes, sometimes I eyed the Trapper Keeper of the long haired popular girl with envy, and yes I would have LOVED to have some input over my clothes or sneakers (my mom dressed me like a straight up boy), but most of all what I really wanted was to make Rice Krispies Treats like those suburban kids you see on TV.
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And that was a hard no from my tough-as-nails single mama. Cereal was food, not fun. And marshmallows were another hard no. My mom wasn’t educated, but she her knowledge on nutrition was on point. No melted marshmallows mixed with cereal. Ever.
I was a mother with a child of my own when I first tried a Rice Krispies Treat. My son asked and of course I complied, secretly wanting to try them myself. And let me tell you, they were everything I dreamed they would be. Rice Krispies Treats take you back to childhood, even if your first time having one is as an adult.
So today I want to take you back to childhood. To that carefree time where nothing but The Facts of Life and snacks mattered. I want you to make these Snickers Rice Krispies Treats. I took the basic flavors of a Snickers bar – Chocolate, caramel, and peanuts – And mixed them with Rice Krispies cereal and melted marshmallows.
Snickers Rice Krispies Treats {}
I don’t need to tell you this treat is perfection. It’s messy, sure – Caramel oozes from each and every bite. It’s sweet, sure – Chocolate, caramel, marshmallows, and chopped Snickers will do that to you. But can I tell you, these Rice Krispies Treats outdoes them all. ALL!
Mr. M.O.B. ate roughly half of these treat with no shame in his heart. Well, I’m pretty sure there was shame. He kept shooting me dirty looks and muttering under his breath as he ate several giant treats at once. This is the sort of treat you hope no one makes again because you are so weak to resist.
Snickers Rice Krispies Treats {}
So don’t resist. Fuck it. Be a child. Be a happy fearless child who eats Rice Krispies Treats laced with caramel and Snickers bars.

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