The Samoa S’mores Dip. All the flavors of the beloved Samoa Girl Scout Cookie – Coconut, caramel, and chocolate in one deliciously warm dip! Grab a skillet and get ready to dip all your graham crackers, my friend!

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I took an informal Game Day survey and the participants (who choose to remain anonymous) either:

Have no idea who is playing in this year’s Super bowl.

Are in it for the commercials.

Are in it for the food.

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Yah… I’m still trying to figure out how players make a touchdown. Seems involved. Lots of downs, right? Men piling on top of each other. Why does this happen? Won’t the player suffocate? How difficult is it to escape five players on top of you, let alone 20? You’ve seen that, right?

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This game is way too convoluted for me. I get confused easily.

I’m in it for the food. And the commercials. Those, I can understand.

If you’re down with food and commercials – Food especially – I’ve got the PERFECT snack for you.

Whatever you planned to make, forget about it. This Samoa S’mores Dip is the REAL MVP.


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It’s February and we have given up on trying to live right. Plus, February is like debauchery month – Fat Tuesday, the Super Bowl. It doesn’t help that the mothers of The Girl Scouts of America are shoving cookie order forms in your faces. Let’s be real. You’re weak, I’m weak. You’ve been eating Girl Scout Cookies. I’ve been eating Girl Scout Cookies.

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In fact, we’re both fresh out. The Girls Scouts of America? They’re running dangerously low.

Don’t go into withdrawal shakes just yet. I got you. We’re in this together.

Samoa S'mores Dip {}

This Samoa S’mores Dip has all the flavors of a Samoa, plus melted marshmallows. There is no diet, Paleo, or Whole 30 version of this. Don’t even try. That’s like blasphemy or something.

This Samoa S’mores Dip is ready in less than 10 minutes. It was made specifically for the little fat kid that lives inside us all. The one we try to smother unsuccessfully. It’s for the fat kid who desperately wants to get out and run amuck.

This Game Day, grab a skillet and some graham crackers and make this dip.

Let your inner fat kid out. He wants to play.


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