A giant chocolate chip cookie, baked in a skillet, and stuffed with Nutella. Dreams do come true!

OK, so how am I JUST hearing about the magnificence that is Beyonce’s Lemonade? Like, didn’t this visual album drop last year?

How come no one knocked on my door and said; Giiiiiiiiiiirl you need this in your life right now. Stop what you’re doing and listen to Queen Bey!

I sincerely thought I had friends. Now I feel stupid bringing it up because Bey was celebrated all last year, everyone’s comments were peppered with Lemonade phrases, and I was like…

Everyone has moved on to Jay-Z’s 4:44 album, which I heard is a response to Beyonce’s Straight FIRE Lemonade album, but I’m too cheap to buy a subscription to Tidal right now – And I’m just here wondering if bootleg albums are still a thing.

We should really talk about Lemonade. In the meantime, flow with me – Let’s talk about this Nutella Stuffed Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie.

Let the record show that because I’m living on Trump-Adjusted terms…

Wait, I feel this needs a disclaimer: If you’re a Trump supporter. Good for you. Live your life. Do your thing. Believe you’re MAGAing and shit. I’m not here to change your opinion or sway you in any way. Who you support is your business.


Let me say it louder for the people in the back – WHAT I WILL NOT ALLOW is for anyone to flood my comments or my Facebook page or my Twitter with nasty comments or opinions on how I should stay out of politics and speak about food, because you disagree with the way I live my life. I do not idolize fallible humans – And we are all fallible – So let’s agree to disagree and talk about this skillet cookie because I have too much Latino and Black in me to stay quiet and not clap back, k?

So… Once again…. Because I’m living on Trump-Adjusted terms I’ve been sort of… Let’s say… Down. And when you’re down lethargy is sort of built into it. It took loads of self-reflection to even admit that I may be suffering for a seriously fucked up case of the blues. Like Picasso and shit. But without the misogyny.

I’m creating art. With cookies and cake and dessert.

This skillet cookie is for those days when you’re feeling super lethargic and baking and cookies are still life.

It’s a simple cookie dough softened with a bit of cornstarch. It is flavored with vanilla bean paste; however, you can easily add in vanilla extract, and studded like diamonds with chocolate chips.

I made it so you don’t have to chill the dough, or scoop it out into a million scoops – because let’s face it – Halfway through you just want to give up.

You’re dividing the dough in half and spreading it as best you can in a cast iron skillet. It’s cool if it’s not even. Then you’re going to spread Nutella over the cookie dough. Times call for stuffing cookies like you don’t give a damn about your waistline. You spread the other half of the cookie dough as best you can.

Pop in the oven and bake just long enough for the top to lose its shine. The innards will remain under-baked.

Eat warm. With ice cream. And Queen Bey.

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