Super creamy and sinfully luscious! These Lemons -N- Cream cheesecakes are easy-to-make, no bake, and all sorts of tart and delicious! Try ’em!
No Bake Lemon -N- Cream Cheesecakes {}
I used to dislike lemon. No, wait. Dislike is a rather strong word. It was more like disinterested. I spent a quarter of my life believing limes were in fact green lemons.
You see, I was raised Caribbean. Those of us who hail from Caribbean and South American countries discover lemons are yellow sometime in our tweens when we venture out into the world, armed with our very first detailed shopping lists from our mamas.
We come home. We proudly and delicately unload our groceries, having embarked on our very first shopping trip across the street and then…
We are hit (hard) upside the head and the following in ear-splitting shrieks (from your mama, ‘cause you are NOT allowed to raise your voice) ensues:
No Bake Lemon -N- Cream Cheesecakes {}
Mom: WTF is this?!
You: Lemons.
Mom: Since when have I brought home yellow lemons?!
You: Um… Never… But the sign says…
Mom: I don’t care what the sign says, I said limones! And limones are green!
And so, shamefaced you walk back to the supermarket to exchange the rightful yellow lemons for ‘green’ lemons, which are really limes. The proprietor gives you a look of disgust. A look which plainly states ‘You shoulda known.’
No Bake Lemon -N- Cream Cheesecakes {}
So you see, it was difficult to form an attachment to a fruit I didn’t use in real life. Worse, a fruit which could get you slapped, pimp-style upside the head. And I don’t know about your mama, but my mama kept her pimp hand strong.
I grew up indifferent to lemon’s intoxicating fragrance and refreshingly tart flavor. I was like Jon Snow: I knew nothing.
 No Bake Lemon -N- Cream Cheesecakes {}
But now. I know errthing. Now lemon is my jam. For real, real. NOT for play, play.
I hearts lemon. Zesting it, drinking it, sniffing its soothing aroma, and baking with it. When I discovered lemon Iced cookies, it was on like effing Donkey Kong. Have you tried Lemon Iced cookies? The Girl Scouts sell them. It’s a shortbread cookie whose bottom is dipped in a sweet lemon icing. They’re the shi-et.
No Bake Lemon -N- Cream Cheesecakes {}
There’s about a six month period where Girl Scouts are not selling cookies and we have to make do with knockoff versions. I find such knockoffs at my local Family Dollar and promptly diminish their supply.
For um…
Alright, it’s for me. I eat them. Then I decided to share them with the world and quite a few of those tasty lemon iced cookies made it to these No Bake Lemons –N– Cream Cheesecakes.
I dig the no bake cheesecake movement. Mostly because in real life I can’t make cheesecake. I don’t want to. It takes FOREVER to bake, then the center sinks. It’s a hot mess. I haven’t mastered it. I’m not giving up. Cheesecake is my Lex Luthor and sometime this year I plan to conquer the shizzle out of it. In the meantime, here’s a no bake situation.
No Bake Lemon -N- Cream Cheesecakes {}
You ready?
Dessert cups: Get ‘em ready.
Crust of lemon iced cookies: Pulverized cookies to crumbs. No butter, nothin’. You want to taste this situation.
Cream cheese: Cold. Get a brick ‘o that.
Confectioners’ sugar: A heaping cup situation.
See those little black flecks? That’s vanilla bean paste. Be generous as hell widdit it.
Heavy cream: It gives these cheesecakes a mousse-like texture. You’re going to dig it and tell your friends.
Lemon zest: Zest half a lemon. Just half. Fold the lemon zest gently into the cheesecake filling. You want the vanilla bean to shiiiiiiiiine through. Chill that situation for a bit.
No Bake Lemon -N- Cream Cheesecakes {}
Now let’s assemble:
Lemon iced cookie crumbs. Divide amongst your dessert cups. Flatten them a little. Make it pretty.
Pipe or spoon that vanilla bean, lightly lemon zested filling over the cookie crumb crust.
Dip spoon in, put it in your mouth.
Repeat… Repeat… Repeat. Eat them all.
Don’t share.
Be selfish about this.
Love lemon.
No Bake Lemon -N- Cream Cheesecakes {}

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