Chocolate sandwich cookie bottom and a creamy vanilla bean cheesecake folded with crushed cookie crumbs. No bake AND mini, these Cookies -N- Cream Cheesecakes are impossible to put down!!!
No Bake Cookies -N- Cream Cheesecakes []
I’m telling you guys right now – If you’re still in that “trying to live a healthier life” phase, this post is not for you. I have to respectfully ask you move along, come back when I’ve posted a salad or something equally healthy.
No Bake Cookies -N- Cream Cheesecakes []
That day is NOT today.
Now, if…
Today is your cheat day.
Or perhaps
Commitment is not your thing.
Or maybe
You gave up the healthy shit on day 5.
Decided to be fat one more year – Cause who cares, right?
Or you’re
Not into the whole resolution thing.
Your New Year’s resolution is geared towards getting your finances in order and not the size of your expanding waistline.
Or, if like me
Your goals are more aligned with excess and debauchery…
This post is for you, homeslice.
No Bake Cookies -N- Cream Cheesecakes []
Last week I was focused, man. I fully intended on walking into Family Dollar, picking up a bottle of Gain and Snuggle Fabric softener and walking my ass home and straight to my laundry room where a nice mountain sized pile of laundry was waiting for me. The goal was to reduce the size of said mountain into something roughly the size of a mole hill.
No Bake Cookies -N- Cream Cheesecakes []
Then I made a detour. I needed maraschino cherries for a whole ‘nother post and once you walk into an aisle full of cookies, potato chips, and candy – Your morals are compromised.
And I’m weak, people.
No Bake Cookies -N- Cream Cheesecakes []
So my shopping bags were a bit heavier that day. Yes, I purchased my laundry detergent and fabric softener, but not before walking out with 5 packages of chocolate sandwich cookies, 4 packages of lemon iced cookies, and an industrial sized bag of potato chips; a bag which arrived considerably lighter because underpaid cashiers are in NO RUSH to ring your ass up. Yah, I’m the chick who munches on a checkout line. Don’t judge me. You don’t know my life!
No Bake Cookies -N- Cream Cheesecakes []
Now I’m home and herein lies my dilemma: Do I spend my day in that dungeon we call a basement and fold load after load of laundry with nothing but the whirring sounds of a washer/dryer?
No, f*** that.
No Bake Cookies -N- Cream Cheesecakes []
We eat a sleeve of cookies and with the rest we make Cookies –N– Cream No Bake Cheesecakes. You crush some chocolate sandwich cookies and pour melted butter over it. You make a crust. Line some dessert glasses with it. Whip a vanilla bean paste-laden cream cheese filling and fluff that situation up with heavy cream. Then fold some crushed sandwich cookies into that cream cheese. It’s only right.
And you know what? That is EXACTLY how the shit went down.
Laundry, waistline, and living right be dammed one more year.
No Bake Cookies -N- Cream Cheesecakes []

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