Homemade Samoa Cookies. For those times when you’re jonesing for a Girl Scout Cookie and there is no Girl Scout to be found!


Girl Scouts don’t come knocking at my door peddling their cookies. You see, I live in “The Hood”. It just doesn’t happen ’round these parts. I don’t have little girls in pig tails and sashes pulling little red wagons piled high with their wares.


Saavy little girls pulling a sales pitch; convincing me that buying 10 boxes of cookies is a good thing for my ever expanding hips.

But oh, how I want that!!

No, not expanding hips…

No chick wants expanding hips unless she’s Plastic Man. I mean Girl Scouts selling me cookies.

I want them to knock on my door persuading me to buy. It won’t take much, trust me… I want them to tell me it’s for a good cause – The Girl Scouts of America!

I want to display a skewed sense of altruism, feel I’m selflessly helping these cute little girls in merit badges. It’s a donation, really. I want to tell myself I’m donating money for several boxes of yummy waist expanding cookies. It’s the American thing to do.

I’m all for the cause…



Those little girls won’t be knockin’ on my door anytime in the foreseeable future.


So one day as I was scouting the blogs I stumbled upon In Katrina’s Kitchen – And found my favorite Girl Scout cookie – The Caramel De-lite; otherwise known as the Samoa.


Is it just me or does Caramel De-lite sound like something naughty you do in the afternoons?


I think naming the cookie after a calorie-ridden Sumo wrestler is much better – And let me not kid you, this bad boy is chock-full of calories.


I promptly toss the box in the recycling when I buy them. I don’t wanna know…




What’s not to love about these… These… pretty lil’ things? These irresistible bites of pure addictive bliss?

A shortbread cookie with a coconut caramel topping whose cookie bottoms are dipped in chocolate, and then drizzled with even more chocolate!?

Whoa, mama…


Try em once and you’re hooked, like a heroin addict. You’ll be vein tapping as they bake, and your eyes will glaze over as your offset spatula spreads coconut caramel topping.

It’s hypnotic, really.

During the final phase, the one where you glaze your cookie with melted chocolate, you’ll be tempted to sell your prized possession.


Chill, though… Your fix is coming.

Coming indeed…

Homemade Samoa Cookies. For when you're jonesing for a Girl Scout Cookie and there is no girl scout to be found!
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