The perfect layer cake begins with a moist chocolate cake, is filled with a rich espresso chocolate mousse whose scent will knock your socks off, and frosted with a delicious chocolate frosting. Need I say more?
Espresso Chocolate Mousse Layer Cake --
I hate snow. There, I said it. HATE IT. Do you know when I hate snow the most? In MARCH when trees are SUPPOSED to be getting ready to bud.
I wish Mother Nature would pick a damn struggle already and stop dumping snow in March. We didn’t even get that nice powdery snow. We got ice. And wind. People felt as if they were being pelted by cold hate out there. It’s not ok.

It’s not ok.
Espresso Chocolate Mousse Layer Cake --
I rid legs of winter fur anticipating warmer days and now my legs are cold. And I almost slipped in the snow this morning. At my age, I could break a damn hip. Thanks, Mother Nature.
Thanks for nothing.
Now flow with me, let’s talk about this Espresso Mousse Chocolate Layer Cake. So coffee is a thing this year. Like trending or whatever. I’m like, um… Coffee has ALWAYS been there. How are people just noticing it?
Espresso Chocolate Mousse Layer Cake --
I don’t really follow trends. I don’t understand why something is trendy or trending. It makes no damn sense.
I baked this cake because I love coffee and I love chocolate and they should go together. Some people call it mocha. I am doing no such thing.

Some people call it mocha. I do no such thing.

It’s Espresso Chocolate Mousse Cake and dammit it all – It is ridiculously amazing.
Espresso Chocolate Mousse Layer Cake --
I used a mixture of cold brew concentrate, coffee liqueur, and cocoa powder for this espresso mousse. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention – The oomph in this mousse is aided by unflavored gelatin. If you’re vegetarian or vegan, I’m sorry. I’ll get you next time. The mousse comes together in a hot snap. Maybe 5 minutes. Make it first. As the cake bakes and cools, it gives the mousse time to chill.
Espresso Chocolate Mousse Layer Cake --
The chocolate cake is moist and punch-in-the-face chocolate strong. It is fantastic. Fill those moist layers with the mousse and chill. For a few hours. Then frost with a super simple chocolate buttercream.
I baked this cake while my husband and son were away. My daughter and I would share a giant slice every night. It was gone in five days.

It was gone in five days. We ate pretty large slices.
Espresso Chocolate Mousse Layer Cake --
This cake is espresso scented, like super scented and every bite leaves you wanting more. That coffee jolt ain’t bad either.
If you’re looking for a luscious layer cake, this is the one. THE ONE.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go back to hating the smack out of Mother Nature for freezing my once furry legs.
Espresso Chocolate Mousse Layer Cake --

Espresso Mousse Chocolate Layer Cake --
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