This DIY Lavender Vanilla Sugar takes minutes to make and can be used in anything from pancakes to cocktails. But mostly cocktails. 

DIY - Lavender Vanilla Infused Sugar {}

Cocktails. This Lavender Vanilla sugar was made with cocktails in mind. Oh, I had very fleeting thoughts of pancakes and perhaps some fancy tea cookies; however, those thoughts dispersed like vapor the second cocktails came to mind.

Lavender. I wasn’t a fan. Lavender has a distinct ‘Old Lady’ sachet stigma attached to it. It perpetuates a bingo playing, visor and tracksuit wearing, rolled down stocking stereotype.  As I approach middle age I realize, isn’t that where I’m headed? That, and my super white-cocked to the side afro wig?

DIY - Lavender Vanilla Infused Sugar {}


Whether I like it or not, I am showing signs of aging. Five years ago I was able to face the mirror every morning and believe my face couldn’t possibly resemble the texture of a bag of dates.

Today, I apply my makeup a good four feet from the mirror and slather at least an inch of moisturizer on my face. I am ill equipped to cope with the crate sized pores and gravity taking its toll. There ought to be a support group for this.

DIY - Lavender Vanilla Infused Sugar {}

In the meantime, like a good old lady in waiting, I’m preparing for the inevitable – Retirement, old age, keeping my knitting hands strong, and cocktails. That is where is Lavender Vanilla Infused Sugar comes in.

Bruh… Sugar. It infuses perfectly with pretty much anything. Lavender, especially. All that’s required for this infused sugar situation is food grade lavender flowers and some sugar. AND! Because lavender and vanilla pair so well together, I added some vanilla powder to the mix.  Seek this magical powder out if you haven’t already. I allowed it all to infuse for a few days and BAM – The perfect infusion for my cocktails.

DIY - Lavender Vanilla Infused Sugar {}

Get your infused sugar ready, people. There’s a Lavender cocktail in the midst.

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