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Let’s talk about exercise for a minute. Not too long, though – We have cookies to talk about.

Did we ever speak about my perpetual hatred of exercise?

No? Let’s talk about it.

I hate picking things up and putting them down, unless it’s a double decker brownie.


I hate running, unless I’m running towards a molten chocolate cake with peanut butter filling.

And sit ups?! Not unless there’s a klondike bar waiting for me.

The point is, I really hate waking up mornings JUST to get my jiggly ass moving in some sort of repetitive motion. The truth is, whenever I think about it I die a little inside.

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But then I got to thinking: If I exercise, if my ass jiggles less, if I’m not so winded all the damn time – I can eat more cookies. Logic, no?

So against everything I believe in, I wake up at 5:30 AM and I pick things up and put them down. There’s no brownie waiting for me.

I attempt to contort my body in poses the body isn’t meant to. And when I say contort, I just mean touching my toes. That shit hasn’t happened since like 1997. But I try. Every single day.

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And then amidst all this trying, something began to happen. No, I don’t ENJOY exercise. I still die a little inside; however, I die less each time. The other day I touched my thigh and felt something hard. I was like, WTF? I almost scheduled a doctor’s appointment – No joke. Then I realized it was muscle. I’m gaining muscle now. I haven’t seen muscle since 2001. Oh, and there are abs somewhere between that large layer of tummy fat.

Who knew?

Will I ever strut around sporting a 6-pack? Not unless it’s a 6-pack of Corona. But I’m starting to feel less like Jello and more like chocolate pudding. Perhaps by end of summer I’ll reach pudding pop status.

Anything can happen.

Now let’s talk about these cookies, ’cause that’s why we’re here.

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Last week I opened a can of Nestle la Lechera’s dulce de leche. Realtalk? I just wanted to eat half a can of dulce de leche. Instead displayed some Super Hero will power and tested a batch of banana walnut dulce de leche chip cookies. Those ain’t ready for you.

But these are…

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These DIY oreo cookies are not for the faint of heart. This is a fall in love caramel situation, made even more delicious by its chocolate cookie exterior.

The dough is VERY easy to work with. It’s a stiff sort of dough, the type you don’t really need to refrigerate. You can also save it in your fridge or freezer. I saved half this dough in the refrigerator for 3 whole weeks and it was just as good as the first day.

And the dulce de leche filling? Whole ‘nother level ish. I only added about half a cup of dulce de leche, and you could truly taste it. I don’t even want to go into it…

Quick – Go do 50 jumping jacks!

You’re going to need them after this…

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Homemade Oreo Cookies filled with sweet Dulce de Leche! www.mind-over-batter.com
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