Doughnuts: Baked or fried? I say fried! These creamsicle doughnuts with a hint of vanilla powder are filled to bursting with a delicate vanilla bean and orange zest infused filling. If you need a doughnut in your life, this one’s for you!
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Do you know what I suck at? Frying. I do. I’m great at a lot of things. Frying, however, is a skill I have yet to master. I’m so bad that at this point I would settle for mediocre. I simply suck at placing food in bubbling oil. Churros are my nemesis. I can’t fry a churro to save my skin.
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And fried chicken? Girl, please… I have never fried chicken. Ever in my life. It’s a disaster and third degree burn waiting to happen.

Then I noticed a severe lack of fried things on M.O.B. and decided it was time to change that situation.
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These creamsicle doughnuts took several tries. When I say I suck at frying, I ain’t lyin’. Plus I’ve been sucking in the kitchen lately, thus forcing me to question my abilities. I tried Joy the Baker’s Bruleed Doughnut holes to super poor results. Several times. Not her fault, mine. I’m no fry cook, plus I still can’t be trusted with a blowtorch. I burn things.

The idea of crème brulee doughnuts, however, is still in my brains and must happen once I master the blowtorch.
Creamsicle Doughnuts {}
Right now, creamsicle doughnuts.
*In my best Ned Stark voice* ‘summer is coming!’ (see what I did there?) And summer means you HAVE to creamsicle all the things.
Flow with me… We’re going to talk about these doughnuts.

Side bar: I also suck at photographing doughnuts. I wanted to get that sucky mcsuck suck statement out of the way.

These doughnuts begin with a vanilla and orange zest infused pastry cream. Pastry cream is just a fancy word for pudding. Basically you’re making pudding. Creamsicle flavored pudding. If you’ve never made pastry cream (or pudding) before, Brown Eyed Baker offers an excellent tutorial.
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Now, doughnuts. A yeasted dough. The softest of soft doughs. I added vanilla powder to the dough. To help amp the vanilla flavor. If you haven’t heard or tasted the miracle that is vanilla powder, may I suggest you seek it out. I purchased mine at the Spice House.
Yeast does its thing, making dough rise and rise. The dough is then pressed down, rolled, and cut into rounds. You’re going to get about 10 good doughnuts out of this dough. Make doughnut holes with the leftover scraps. They’re just as delicious. My son ate 25 doughnut holes covered in confectioners’ sugar. Metabolism is wasted on the young.
Creamsicle Doughnuts {}
The doughnuts are fried in hot, hot oil and then drained in paper towels. Once the doughnuts cool they are rolled and rolled in confectioners’ sugar. Finally the doughnuts are filled to bursting with the creamsicle pastry cream. They should be promptly bitten into. Bitten in such a way pastry cream oozes out and there’s confectioners’ sugar in your face, hands, whatever.

Yah… I see more fried things in my life.

Yours too.

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