Coquito Cheesecake Flan {}

Let’s talk about Coquito for second. Flow with me…

What is coquito?

Glad you asked, homie. Coquito is the Latino version of eggnog. We chug it much like eggnog, except it’s not eggnog. It’s coquito. They are two totally different animals.

Coquito Cheesecake Flan {}

Two totally different luscious animals who share a common goal. To unite, imbibe, and spread joy during the Christmas season. Americans have eggnog. Latinos have our coquito situation.

So what does it take to make coquito? Again, glad you asked homeslice. You’re full of questions today. I dig that.

Coquito Cheesecake Flan {}

Coquito, simply put is a beverage made with coconut milk, condensed milk, evaporated milk, sweetened cream of coconut, spices, and generous amounts of rum.

Some people use eggs, others opt to keep it dairy free.

Can I be real, real with you?

Coquito Cheesecake Flan {}

I have NEVER EVER made coquito. Sure, every Christmas season I have at least 2 bottles in my fridge.

But I’ve never made it. Ever. Ever. For real, yo.

You see, when I think of coquito I see it as an unfinished canvas, full of possibility.

For instance, coquito has all the components for making ice cream. So I froze it once.

Coquito Cheesecake Flan {}

The components of coquito lend themselves to a samoa like cookie. Naturally I had to go there.

This time, however, I took it up a serious coquito notch and came up with a coquito cheesecake flan.

This coquito cheesecake flan has been in the works for a year. It’s ready. It’s time. I want to share it with you. All of you. Coquito is an all inclusive deal.

So allow me to reiterate. I took all the components of coquito – Coconut milk, condensed and evaporated milk, sweetened cream of coconut, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, nutmeg and a generous dose of dark rum. There is RUM in here, people!

Then I thought; eggs and a block of cream cheese, ’cause Christmas debauchery. Gotta get widdit. I’m not one to break tradition.

Now, a flan ain’t a flan without caramel. And guess what this caramel has a healthy dose of? Rum.

See, there’s rum in the custard base and rum in the caramel. You see where I’m going with this?!

Are you digging it?!

It’s a boozy situation.

Coquito Cheesecake Flan {}

 You gotta dig it.

I cooked it low and slow in a water bath for well over an hour.

Once it came out of the oven and reached room temperature I froze it.

Have you EVER had frozen cheesecake flan?

You’re in for a treat, homeslice.

Frozen cheesecake flan is mouth-watering. It’s luxurious. It is delectable. It is scrumptious. It’s cold! Cheesecake flan never freezes completely solid. As such, it is terribly addicting. I made it in 4 ounce ramekins, 15 to be exact.

This is enough to freeze you in your tracks. You can’t handle this level of… of… of… I can’t even speak right now.  Coquito. It was a blank canvas. A canvas I turned into a near priceless work of art.

Yea… Art.

Art you eat.

You feel me?

Coquito Cheesecake Flan {}

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