This fabulously tender cake is speckled with vanilla bean and coffee granules, swirled with coffee sugar, and drizzled with a coffee glaze. If coffee is your thang, then you will LOVE this Coffee Swirl Bundt Cake!

I’m rolling up to your summer barbecue with this Coffee Swirl Cake. I’m strutting up in there like I own the place. And yeah, I do. I mean, when you confidently walk into a barbecue with a cake that’s infused with coffee, you have rightfully earned a parting of the seas. But with people.

And if there’s a parting of humans at a barbecue, someone better start a Soul Train Line.
Now flow with me, let’s talk about this Coffee Swirl Cake.
This cake has been in my head since January. The term ‘coffee cake’ has always been a bit misleading. I fully expect to taste coffee in my coffee cake and that’s never ever happened.

Until now.
I debated adding a coffee infused crumb topping and decided against it for fear there wouldn’t be enough coffee flavor. Instead I added coffee granules to the cake batter with vanilla bean paste – And the coffee swirl is sugar mixed with even more coffee granules and sprinkled in between the cake batter.

The cake bakes and cools. You can eat it as is and still get a nice throat punch of coffee. I felt a coffee glaze would tie this Coffee Swirl Cake together nicely. It’s how I do.

If you’re sensitive to caffeine, this cake may not be for you. Or perhaps you can enjoy it for breakfast. I don’t judge. If you’re one of those people who can drink coffee any time of day, bless your heart. I wish I were more like you, because you can enjoy this cake whenever, wherever.

Me? I’m rolling up to your barbecue with this Coffee Swirl Cake because it’s a conversation starter and is sure to provide barbecue goers a boost of energy to keep the party going.

And perhaps get that Soul Train Line started.

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