Are you craving brownies? Are you craving cookies? Now you can have both! These super easy Brownie Mix Cookies with toasted pecans are the best of all worlds!

It is moist outside and here I am, thinking about cookies.
I know, I know – Why isn’t my brain on ice cream?
Or ice cream?
Or ice?
Nah. It’s on cookies.
I’m a masochist.
Or maybe… Maybe I just love cookies, so much so that I am willing to fire up my oven with sweat dripping down my back.

That’s dedication.
You’re welcome.
Now flow with me – Let’s talk about these Easy Brownie Mix Cookies with Pecans.
I used to be such an insufferable baking snob. There was a period in my life where I would snub a cake mix because – dammit – I was better than that.
I would walk by cake mix in the supermarket, nose in the air. I’d judge a person with a cake mix in their shopping cart.

Baking a cake from scratch is so easy! – I’d say.
I was right.
And wrong.
I was right. Baking a cake from scratch is easy. If you’re a habitual baker, you don’t even think about it.
I was wrong. To judge. Not everyone has the time to bake a cake from scratch. It’s so much easier to dump ingredients in a bowl, mix, and be done with your life.

I get it.
I love dessert, and I also want to live my life.
Enter: Super Easy Brownie Mix Cookies.
I doctored the mix a bit to bake these cookies. I added bit of extra flour to give these cookies a bit of bite. Coconut oil give these cookies a light coconut flavor. I added toasted pecans and some mini chocolate chips.

Less than five minutes and you have cookies in the oven.
These cookies are nice and fudgy. Part brownie, part cookie. The toasted pecans are a nice touch. Add your own mix-ins.
Coconut, or M&M’s.
Peanut Butter cups, or Mini Snickers.
Roasted peanuts or walnuts.
Go crazy.
These cookies are ready in no time at all.

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