Ricotta Parmesan Gruyere Biscuits

Flaky biscuits fulla cheese and black pepper. That’s the stuff.

Song giving me life: Curtis Mayfield – Move On Up

I’m heavily considering quitting Twitter for life. I have quit for stints which lasted, at most – One week. Those were glorious weeks. I didn’t feel that constant feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach, nagging at me. I didn’t read how far we have sunk as a society. I didn’t witness the daily breakdown of simple discourse, let alone political discourse. I didn’t witness people losing their path to righteousness. I lived my life. And it was good. I felt good. I wasn’t weathering, or inching ever closer to heart failure.

Within a week, however – I was back on Twitter, scrolling through my feed and reading comments that made my jaw drop and I curse all the damn time. I see so many people with ‘Christian’ in their Twitter bios spewing the most hateful things merely because folks have a difference of opinion based on their personal experience.

I usually do not engage these folks. I find them volatile and dangerous. We aren’t listening to one another – And though I am fully aware this breakdown happened about a year after we elected a black man into office and he was unable to part the seas, or turn water into massive profit – It’s still jarring to see day after day. I don’t have much hope this will change right now. We have sunk so low. Of course, I don’t want to be one of those people who want to be willfully ignorant, but I’m not sure I can survive on a steady diet of Twitter hate.

Now flow with me, let’s talk about these biscuits. These biscuits aren’t full of hate. They were made with love and so.much.cheese. I know, they’re super flat. They’re purty though, right? The flat issue is totally my fault. I know biscuit dough shouldn’t be rolled flat, but sometimes I can’t help myself. Ideally, biscuit dough should be rolled to about at least 1 ¼ inch thick to get those super thick flaky biscuits. I urge you to roll ‘em right.

So these little gems are mixed with butter, black pepper, plus three kinds of cheese: Ricotta, Parmesan – And my all-time favorite – Gruyere. Gruyere is like super fancy Swiss. But it’s not Swiss. It doesn’t compare. Swiss is like that person you booty call when there’s no one available.

Gruyere is the one you marry.

The dough comes together pretty quickly. It’s a sticky, wet sort of dough. Don’t worry – Once it cools it will be just fine.  You cut the dough into rounds with a biscuit or round cutter and bake right away. They’re best served warm, alongside a meat cooked with copious amounts of gravy or sauce. Or on their own, just you and these cheesy biscuits hiding in a closet somewhere.

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