Two delicious loaves of Light Wheat Bread liberally sweetened with Honey. Make this your favorite sandwich bread!! 
Honey Wheat Bread | Mind Over Batter
I knead bread by hand.
To hell with machine kneading, is what I say.
I take pleasure in mixing ingredients into a large, shapeless, shaggy, sticky piece of dough. Mixing a combination of flours, sweeteners, butters, tenderizers, and yeast.
I turn this dough onto a lightly floured surface and dig my fingers in, getting them sticky. My fingers, they don’t remain sticky for long.
The more I dig my hands and fingers in, the longer I fold the dough onto itself and knead and knead again, the less sticky my fingers become. This mass of shapeless dough begins to take appearance.
Honey Wheat Bread | Mind Over Batter
It begins to resist my strong kneading hands. Why? When pushed down, it springs back up again. Why? Because it’s developing. This dough is holding its own. It is ready for the rise.
The rise takes place invisible to the naked eye. Yeast – A living, breathing organism grows, pushes, expands, and feeds.
Once the dough has risen, once the primary change is finalized, the dough is pressed down and shaped… Ready for its second, and in many cases, final rise.
Honey Wheat Bread | Mind Over Batter
Whenever I knead dough my mind wanders. I can’t help compare bread baking to child rearing. A mix of flours, liquids, yeast, sweeteners, and tenderizers. The shaggy, shapeless piece of dough, awaiting strong hands to give it form. The pushing, forming, the resistance. When it resists, knowing you must leave it alone, allow it time to rest and soften, but testing to make sure it’s ready for strong kneading hands. Then there’s the rise, pushed by internal forces. The press down by strong willing hands which deflate the air trapped during the rise (can someone say teen years?!) The shaping, the second rise.
Honey Wheat Bread | Mind Over Batter
It is within the shaping process and second rise that bread takes its final, permanent form. So when shaping it, one must be careful. If you screw up, yes – You can start again. You can deflate and reshape the dough; however, that means this dough will have to rise again. And don’t you want your bread? Don’t you want to know how this jammy turns out?
I must stress, the shape before the final rise is highly important. Because once you pop this bread in the oven, once heat takes a hold of it, pushing it into one last metamorphosis, there is no turning back. The shape you gave it right before you pop that sucka’ in the oven is permanent.
It’s the same with children. There is a point when there is no more shaping, no final rise. Once heat takes a hold of it that is THE point of no return. Whatever the fuck pops out of the oven is what you get.
Honey Wheat Bread | Mind Over Batter
And so, you must be diligent in the way you shape it, in the way you mold it. Be loving, be strong. Question why it resists. If it resists, ask YOURSELF  why. Stop kneading. Wait. Then try kneading again. Persist. Never give up.
Because the truth is, being persistent pays off. Because the truth is, no one wants a shit piece of bread. Especially bread you have full control over the second you stick your hands in that shapeless mass of sticky dough. It is you who is responsible for its shape, its mold, its change. For its very existence. Be careful with it. Because, and I must reiterate, no one wants a shit piece of bread.
I’m mean, sure we’ll eat it. Sure it may taste OK, but nothing – Nothing compares to a bread whose shape is strong, whose crumb is gorgeous, which yields to the bite, melts on the tongue, and is lovingly flavored with honey.
I am trusting you with this Light Honey Wheat Bread. It’s like raising a child. Be meticulous in the way you treat it. In the way you knead it, in the rise, in its shape, that final rise. In what pops into the oven. In what comes out, as there truly is NO turning back.
Make sure its final form is beautiful.
Honey Wheat Bread | Mind Over Batter

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