chicken enchilada pizza8

I am torn between my feelings for the rapper (entertainer? I dunno…) Pitbull. This is serious situation, here.

On one hand, I jam (JAM) to his music; the man knows his way around a beat and his hooks always make me shimmy.  Who else can remix a song from the movie Beetlejuice that can simultaneously make you shake that booty, want to start a conga line, AND drool over a young Alec Baldwin?


Props, homie!

chicken enchilada pizza

But his lyrics? UGH! Simplistic!  Something you fish out of your middle school son’s notebook. Not even. I’m expecting a “roses are red, violet’s are blue” rhyme when his next album drops. Yea… I said it! Lack of lyrical depth aside, and my own biting criticism, I can’t deny the man is like Midas with a beat. He just might be some sort of genius.

Again… Props, homeslice…

chicken enchilada pizza2

Now… One the other hand, when I see him on TV I have this uncontrollable urge to slap him upside his bald head. I dunno… I can’t help how I feel. Something about the way he curls his upper lip, ghetto Elvis style, just rubs me the wrong way. I can’t explain it. Who does that?! And so I don’t watch him on TV.

chicken enchilada pizza4

I’d never act upon my urges, though. I mean, the dude is sure to have body guards, and I doubt my 160-something pound frame can support the tackle of a 300 lb body guard without some significant brain damage. So there’s that…

chicken enchilada pizza5

OK… Um… Yea… Let’s jam to this song, start that conga line, and move onto some pizza!

You liked that, didn’t you? See what I mean? You started a conga line, didn’t you?

OK… I think I may be a genius. No really, I think I might be a genius. Or an idiot savant. Either way, I came up with something goooooooooooood.

chicken enchilada pizza6

I combined two of my favorite foods: Pizza and chicken enchiladas.

Genius, right?

I know…

Flow with me…

This pizza is a bit more labor intensive than your usual Marguerita;  however, everything comes together quickly. The chicken gets cooked in a nice spicy sauce, then shredded. The sauce gets reduced; the reduction intensifying the spice slightly, providing a bit of punch. Oh, and then there’s the cheese! 3 kinds of cheese because, what’s pizza without cheese? You top it with a little cilantro, some diced tomatoes, and into the oven it goes.

chicken enchilada pizza7

Semi pro tip: I like to pre-bake my pizza dough for about 10 minutes; this way the cheese doesn’t become a melty burnt mess. I don’t like burnt cheese.

So yea… I’m a total genius, because… *singing – This pizza is slaaaaammiiiiiinnnnn’!

chicken enchilada pizza9

And yes, I used my crackly singing voice.


Make, make, make, Señora!

Or Señor…

Savory Chicken Enchilada Pizza --



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