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I’m just going to go ahead and say it – I love The YouTube. I’m not alone, you love it too. I know you do, don’t lie to me… You don’t live under a rock. If you do you’re pretty weird – Or Patrick Star

I watch a lot of cartoons… Don’t judge me…

If by rare chance you’ve never heard of YouTube, or are indeed living under a rock (Weir-doh!), YouTube is a video-sharing website which users can upload, share, and view videos. Any type of video…

Wanna watch the Muppet version of Bohemian Rhapsody?

YouTube it!

Wanna learn to juggle?

YouTube it!

Don’t know how to thread a needle, tie your shoelaces or fry an egg?

YouTube it!

That YouTube… It’s got something for everyone.

This thing, technology, it’s amazing. I used to believe technology was the root of all evil which would ultimately destroy us all… Yet look at me… I’ve changed my stance… I’m a total flip-flopper. I am…

I love the YouTube… Totally love it.

Any who…

I’ve always wanted to explore Indian cuisine. Really… I’m slightly infatuated by it, so I brought this book… Thought it seemed like the perfect book to get my feet wet – And Chapati seemed like a good place to start. You know, cause I love bread…


Chapati is Indian unleavened flat bread made from pliable dough using whole wheat flour, or in this case, a combination of whole wheat and all purpose. You roll out small portions of dough into a disc, and partially cook it on both sides in a preheated dry skillet.


Then – And here comes the fun part which I didn’t fully master – You put the flattened dough directly on high flame and it puffs up like a balloon. Pretty cool, huh?



I’ve never made chapati before – And I had ?’s. Like – How thin was too thin? Will additional flour benefit rolling or hinder the process, making my chapati dry as hell?


Was my cast iron skillet good enough? It’s supposed to bubble, but when? What if I burn the house down placing chapati in open flame?


Oh, the questions, the stress of, of… Not knowing!

Ugh! I’m such a drama queen…


Enter YouTube…

A quick search for Chapati yielded this very nifty video. Finally… All was clear.

And I made chapati. I totally did… This was my very first try.

Can you name that US state?firstchapati

What, no?

Me neither… It took practice, but I got it…I had 10 tries… THEN I went ahead and brushed them with a melted garlic butter. Just because.


That YouTube just never fails. Good thing, too… Cause where else would I get my chuckle and learn on?

Isn’t technology grand?


Chapati - No knead, no bake  Indian Flatbread.
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