Mind Over Batter

Marinara Sauce

Listen, I get it… You don’t have all day to stir a sauce. Marinara sauce – Are you kidding me!?! Dinner has to be on the table in the next 55 minutes or mutiny will ensue! People are hungry, woman! Ok, its fine… I get it. Really… You want to use the stuff that comes... read more →

Easy Pretend Holiday Cookies

Let’s pretend it’s the holidays for a second. Pretend Christmas is in 3 days. Humor me – Let’s pretend, ok? You’ve trimmed your tree, flamboyantly decorated your home inside and out, mixed a bucketful of Coquito spiked with 151 Bacardi, and waited in long horrid lines to get the “specials”  in your life THE perfect... read more →

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Pancakes

Ever sat at a table eating “breakfast” food and spot someone crack open a soda and munch on a cookie? You look over, you know, discreetly. You stare in astonishment as the cookie is blissfully chomped down. You can’t believe it. Apparently this person has broken some cardinal rule – Ruining the sanctity of the... read more →

Mexican Pizza

I don’t feel like cooking. Gosh, no. After a long day at work I want to put my feet up. Read a book, do my nails… Oh, what the hell – Maybe eat string cheese? Right… Not when my toddler’s greeting is, “Hi, Mom – What’s doh dinner?” Definitely wishful thinking. Those expectant looks set... read more →
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