Mind Over Batter

Easy Pretend Holiday Cookies

Let’s pretend it’s the holidays for a second. Pretend Christmas is in 3 days. Humor me – Let’s pretend, ok? You’ve trimmed your tree, flamboyantly decorated your home inside and out, mixed a bucketful of Coquito spiked with 151 Bacardi, and waited in long horrid lines to get the “specials”  in your life THE perfect... read more →

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Pancakes

Ever sat at a table eating “breakfast” food and spot someone crack open a soda and munch on a cookie? You look over, you know, discreetly. You stare in astonishment as the cookie is blissfully chomped down. You can’t believe it. Apparently this person has broken some cardinal rule – Ruining the sanctity of the... read more →

Mexican Pizza

I don’t feel like cooking. Gosh, no. After a long day at work I want to put my feet up. Read a book, do my nails… Oh, what the hell – Maybe eat string cheese? Right… Not when my toddler’s greeting is, “Hi, Mom – What’s doh dinner?” Definitely wishful thinking. Those expectant looks set... read more →

Potato Bacon Cheddar Soup

I’m so full of it…. Loaded one might say… A few posts ago I made claims. I claimed to have given up the delicious consumption of bacon, remember? Totally didn’t happen. I stopped for exactly 7 days. 7 days – Big whoop. I went for my bacon fix the second I could. What’s worse? I’ve been shamelessly flaunting my bacon eating... read more →

English Muffin Dinner

Every so often, perhaps once a month the M.O.B. Crew has breakfast for dinner. I find it a nice reprieve from the usual “dinner” food. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but breakfast for dinner blankets our night with color. It excites us. Something about having pancakes or eggs for dinner makes us… Happy. Our home smells... read more →
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