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Mango Mojito Sherbet

Mango Mojito Sherbet {}

Crazy fact about me…

I have freakishly tiny ears. I mean tiny. So small they belong in the head of a toddler and NOT an adult. My hair hides my ears. And I have short hair.

I deal…

Another fact about me.

I’ve been in food competitions. Well… One competition. 5 times. The Takedowns. A Matt Timms brain child. Or brain pre-teen. He’s been doing this FOREVER.

And it’s not really food. I’ve competed in cookies and ice cream. Separate competitions. I suppose that is food. Whatever. Specifics.

This is my view from stage and the back of Matt’s head.


And this is me and Mr. M.O.B. I hate taking pictures. It’s why I do this. ALL.THE.TIME.

Ice Cream Takedown 2014

And I found this gem in the ladies room. Always fun to go in there. Always find awesome stuff on the Bell House walls.

Takedown 2014

I placed third my very first competition with this ice cream. Yes, I froze coquito. It was awesome.

It was my ONE and ONLY win.

But I keep competing.


Because it forces me to be creative.

Because it’s fun.

Because the organizer, Matt Timms is one of the most awesomely energetic people you will ever meet.

Because I get to meet new people.

Because its fast. Very fast.

Did I mention this is fun?!

Mango Mojito Sherbet {}


I entered with a Mango Mojito Sherbet.

I did not win. I didn’t even place; however, this sherbet is a winner in my heart and in the mouths of those who told me so after the competition.

Homies – This is a work of art, love, and a boatloada mangoes. I made 2 gallons of it for the competition. It was 40 mangoes for the sherbet alone. We won’t be making 2 gallons of this jammy. Just 1 quart.

Mango Mojito Sherbet {}

But this is art. And art is long and hard and it comes with sacrifices. I’m going to give you a choice. If you want to make just the sherbet, go right ahead. This mango sherbet alone is amazing. And I should know. I had SOOOO much of it this past weekend. SO MUCH.

Mango Mojito Sherbet {}

But if you want a work of art in your mouth, fireworks exploding in your tastebuds, make the full recipe. It seems time consuming, but it really isn’t.

Flow with me, we’re going to make a crap-ton of simple syrups and a bangin’ sherbet.

Mango Mojito Sherbet {}

This mango sherbet starts with a mango simple syrup, followed by a puree of 5 mangoes. I used three types of mangoes here, each carrying the unique flavor of the country where it’s grown. Mexican mango for the simple syrup and a mix of Dominican and Haitian mangoes for the sherbet puree.

Mango Mojito Sherbet {}

You can use your own combination, or whichever mango is available in your supermarket. Just make sure those jammies are RIPE. It makes a difference.

Mango Mojito Sherbet {}

The mango simple syrup is added to a mango puree and blended till smooth. Now we’re turning this jammy into a sherbet. A trivial amount of heavy cream makes that happen. Then we add rum to prevent the sherbet from getting icy. Because there is so much liquid in this sherbet, it could get real icy real fast. Booze keeps it creamy. You didn’t know that did you? I just schooled you, homies.

Mango Mojito Sherbet {}

Now, what takes this from an amazing sherbet to a Fourth of July fireworks show in your mouth is the mojito situation we’re making.

Mango Mojito Sherbet {}

YES! Now get this: A simple syrup situation, but not just ANY simple syrup situation. Coconut + mint + lime are made syrupy sweet with the aid of sugar and a bit of Coco Lopez. And let’s not forget the rum! THE RUM!! 2 types of rum – Coconut and my jam, Brugal.

Mango Mojito Sherbet {}

This simple syrup is added to the bottom of your ice cream bowl, followed by scoops of smooth and creamy mango sherbet.





Mango Mojito Sherbet {}

I can’t make firework sounds for the life of me. But you get the picture, yo.

This is the real deal.

And a winner in my heart.

I don’t care what anybody says.

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