Want your booze ice-cold? Look no further than this Raspberry Moscato Wine Sherbet! Tart raspberries and wine are frozen for a deliciously boozy treat!

Song that is giving me life today: Turn Your Lights Down Low – Bob Marley

It’s been a rough week. We need some self-care and booze. Lots and lots of it. I’ve been trying to take a break from the news. It’s not working. The news is errwhere. What I aim for is short bursts of news and I take my wins where I can get them.

I’m going through a serious case of scandal fatigue. I’m sure you are too. Unless you’re in support of this administration. In that case, you must be truly happy. Good for you. Have some sherbet. Do a jig. Live your life in celebration. I’m too tired to be angry at you.
For the rest of us…? We need double batch of sherbet.

Flow with me – Let’s talk about how five cups of wine were added to this Raspberry Moscato Sherbet.
Don’t look at me like that. I’m living on 2017-adjusted terms. And that means copious amounts of booze.
It means booze in my booze.
In a glass made of booze.

This sherbet. I reduced three cups of wine for about an hour giving me about a cup of some super strength flavored wine. Not quite syrup, yet no longer as fluid. Reduced.

I had some raspberries past their prime in my fridge. With some sugar and 16 fluid ounces of wine, I made a fruity wine syrup. I flavored it with a bit of vanilla extract and to make sure this sherbet woud freeze – Gelatin. If you’re vegetarian or vegan – Go ahead and omit. Note your sherbet won’t freeze-freeze. A touch of heavy cream gives this sherbet the creaminess of ice cream without the full fatty goodness.

I churned it in my trusty ice cream maker and then allowed it to freeze in m’ freezer for a few hours.
The moscato flavor is strong. Very wine-y, and bursting with the tartness of summer raspberries.
This sherbet should be enjoyed as often as needed. It won’t get you drunk, or even tipsy. Or perhaps I’ve developed a tolerance for booze.
Who knows?

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