Blueberry Sherbet {}

Random Monday thought:

Is there really a blue bird of happiness? You know a bird that magically takes away the sadness, fills your heart with gladness…Eases your troubles?

Wait, that’s a song…

Damn, I just dated myself.

Seriously – Is there such a bird? If there is, is this bird happy? Did he sign up for the job, or was it just one of those things, like – Hey you, bird – You’re blue and it’s up to you to disperse sadness. Go on and sprinkle some of that happiness into the world.

*Kick* GOOOO!

I picture the blue bird grudgingly flying out into the world making everyone it encounters happy while muttering under its breath; “What about me? When is it MY turn? Where the hell is MY Blue Bird of Happiness”?

*Sigh*… Poor bird…

Blueberry Sherbet {}

While I consider this whole blue bird deal, here’s a sherbet recipe. I have a bit of an obsession with sherbet. Not quite as icy as a sorbet, yet not as creamy as ice-cream, fruit sherbets offer a perfect fruity balance with a nice hint of creaminess. The fruit flavor is never muddled, so you’re sure to get bite after fruitylicious bite. It beckons your spoon to dip itself into its freezy-freeze goodness.

Next stop? Taste buds… No detours…

Oh happy day…

I ADORE blueberries. Those cute little dots of blue-delicious fruit make me happy.  I’m thinking of using blueberries to end all my sentences now.

What? A sista’ can end her sentences as she pleases.

This blueberry sherbet is made with agave nectar; a bit of a reprieve from sugar, my first sweet love.

Blueberry Sherbet {}

The blueberries are mixed with agave and simmered over low heat until they soften a bit.

They looks like this:

Blueberry Sherbet {}

You allow the mixture to steep for a few hours; then you fold in some heavy cream and freeze. Then there’s a party in your mouth.

Party all up in that mouthpiece.

I suppose I can think of better ways to spend a Monday – Or wonder about something much more interesting; but spooning blueberry sherbet into my mouthpiece while pondering the plight of the blue bird is right up my alley.

Blueberry Sherbet {}


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