Blueberry Sherbet {}

Random Monday thought:

Is there really a blue bird of happiness? You know a bird that magically takes away the sadness, fills your heart with gladness…Eases your troubles?

Wait, that’s a song…

Damn, I just dated myself.

Seriously – Is there such a bird? If there is, is this bird happy? Did he sign up for the job, or was it just one of those things, like – Hey you, bird – You’re blue and it’s up to you to disperse sadness. Go on and sprinkle some of that happiness into the world.

*Kick* GOOOO!

I picture the blue bird grudgingly flying out into the world making everyone it encounters happy while muttering under its breath; “What about me? When is it MY turn? Where the hell is MY Blue Bird of Happiness”?

*Sigh*… Poor bird…

Blueberry Sherbet {}

While I consider this whole blue bird deal, here’s a sherbet recipe. I have a bit of an obsession with sherbet. Not quite as icy as a sorbet, yet not as creamy as ice-cream, fruit sherbets offer a perfect fruity balance with a nice hint of creaminess. The fruit flavor is never muddled, so you’re sure to get bite after fruitylicious bite. It beckons your spoon to dip itself into its freezy-freeze goodness.

Next stop? Taste buds… No detours…

Oh happy day…

I ADORE blueberries. Those cute little dots of blue-delicious fruit make me happy.  I’m thinking of using blueberries to end all my sentences now

What? A sista’ can end her sentences as she pleases

This blueberry sherbet is made with agave nectar; a bit of a reprieve from sugar, my first sweet love

Blueberry Sherbet {}

The blueberries are mixed with agave and simmered over low heat until they soften a bit

They looks like this:

Blueberry Sherbet {}

You allow the mixture to steep for a few hours; then you fold in some heavy cream and freeze Then there’s a party in your mouth

Party all up in that mouthpiece

I suppose I can think of better ways to spend a Monday – Or wonder about something much more interesting; but spooning blueberry sherbet into my mouthpiece while pondering the plight of the blue bird is right up my alley

Blueberry Sherbet {}

Blueberry Sherbet

By 03/10/2014


Place the blueberries in a small sauce pan. Over the blueberries pour agave nectar, pinch of salt, and vanilla extract. Stir and place the blueberry mixture on the stove and bring to a simmer over very low heat. Cook until the blueberries soften, about 15-20 minutes.Stir in the lemon juice and vodka and allow to cool completely.

If you wish, puree the blueberries and their liquid in a blender or food processor until smooth, then press the mixture through a strainer to remove the fruit pulp**. Transfer the pureed mixture to an airtight sealed container and chill the mixture thoroughly, preferably overnight.

When the mixture is thoroughly chilled, fold in the heavy cream, and then freeze in your ice-cream making according to manufacturer’s instructions. This makes about a quart of sherbet – And should last in an airtight sealed container for about a week.

** I wanted whole blueberries in my sherbet, so I didn’t puree the mixture. I just strained it a bit and added blueberries that remained whole.



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