Refreshing mint flavor, zesty lime, and boozy kick of light rum – The Classic Mojito must be your “go to” thirst-quenching cocktail this summer!

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The mojito…
One of THE most popular highball drink situations. With good reason.

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Did you know?

Havana is said to be the OG birthplace of the mojito – Biggity back, back, back in the 1500’s. Rumored to be Earnest Hemingway’s drink of choice when visiting Cuba, the mojito’s place as preferred highball drink remains solid to this day.

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Mojitos are THE summer cocktail situation. Eff what you heard. A classic combination consisting of 5 simple ingredients – It is easy to put together and impressive to look at.

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I’ve shaken up my mojitos in the past; a coconut mojito here, a pineapple mojito there. I’ve even made a Cranberry one for the holidays.
But nothing – Nothing beats the classic.
Flow with me… We’re mixing up mojitos.

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Get a nice tall glass. And add fresh mint. I like to add at least 15 mint leaves; sometimes more. Add sugar and get your muddle on. You don’t need a muddler, but buying a muddler will make you feel all grown up and shit.

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Add some lime juice and lime wedges and muddle that situation some more. This is where it gets real. The rum. I go the light rum route. Feel free to go dark. It’s cool. Top that situation with ice and seltzer. Mix it a little bit. Bring that muddled mint to the top.

Mojitos aren’t meant to be knocked back. It’s not a shot. They are meant to be sipped and enjoyed. Meant to be savored and reflected upon out by the veranda. Or the Lanai. Or the fire escape. The point is to sip and enjoy the moment of sweet mint, tart lime, that delicious kick of rum, and those bubbles.

Classic Mojito {}

Classic Mojito

By 04/16/2015



Add the mint leaves to a tall glass. Pour sugar over the mint leaves. Muddle with a cocktail muddler or back of a spoon until the sugar is moistened.

Add lime just and lime wedges and muddle the lime until it releases it juices and oil. Add the light rum, ice, and top with seltzer. Stir briefly to combine.

Sip and enjoy.


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