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Sometimes when I have nothing important occupying my thoughts I wonder: If I were to lose one of my senses permanently, which one would I really hate losing?

For years my hearing has been deteriorating. I expect I’ll be deaf as f*** in about 12 years. No joke. I am truly losing my hearing and I believe it’s messing with my equilibrium. There’s a scientific explanation for this, but this is a food blog. I’m not getting into it.

Blueberry Soda {}

Anyway, I’m losing my hearing and though going deaf is a serious situation, sometimes I think of all the fun I’ll have when I can’t hear Mr. M.O.B –  Or when I pretend not to hear him. It already frustrates him to have to repeat himself.

I am going to miss music, though – So I am hoping they make advances with cochlear implants and my salsa music won’t sound all tinny and robotic.

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Losing my hearing wouldn’t be as bad as losing my sense of taste, though. Taste is the sense I’d miss the most – The one that would hurt the most. What would I do if I lost the ability taste chocolate, or cinnamon, or dulce de leche?

I suppose I’d live a tasteless recluse knitting long ass blankets in a rocking chair or something. Lamenting and reminiscing the good ‘ol days when I tasted the tartness of fresh lemon curd. I’ve read that once you lose one of your senses, your brains somehow compensates training itself to strengthen your other senses. I’ll probably have the ability to smell lemon from a mile away yet not be able to taste it. It would drive me mad, hence the recluse knitting situation.

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You know what else I would miss if I lost my sense of taste? I would miss blueberry syrup and the pure bliss of summer blueberry sodas.  The M.O.B crew does not drink store bought soda. We stopped that jammy long ago, instead opting for homemade syrups and seltzer water.  It gives us a wide range of flavor situations, especially during the summer months – And a little syrup goes a long way.

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Wanna learn how to make this blueberry soda situation?

Of course you do.

Blueberry soda starts with a syrup of blueberries, water, sugar, and a splash of vanilla extract. It is all bought to a boil, and then simmered which allows the blueberries to release their juices and shine like a brand new copper penny situation. You don’t have to simmer for a long time, 15-20 minutes will do. I like to puree this jammy and then strain the solids, but you don’t have to. Straining will do. The syrup will thicken as it cools and will last well over a month. The blueberry flavor is a powerhouse – Enough to have your other senses stand at attention. For real, yo.

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Make this.

And any time the craving for a fresh-to-death blueberry soda hits – Whip out your syrup and add a few tablespoons to a glass. Top with seltzer and sit back. Enjoy it. And hey, if you want to add a little booze to this situation – You already know how I feel about this. Let’s be homies. We’ve been boozing it up long enough.

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Dang, I would really miss blueberry soda if I were to lose my sense of taste. Yea, I’d totally make a deal with the devil or sell myself into indentured servitude just to keep it. Hell, they can continue taking my hearing in exchange – It’s going anyway; just allow me to taste blueberry soda forever.

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