Happy National Margarita Day! A day late. Have a Blueberry Coconut Margarita!!
Blueberry Coconut Margarita {mind-over-batter.com}
I am a day late and a dollar short. Blame the dollar short on lotto. Don’t judge me. You don’t know my life! Blame the lateness of this Blueberry Coconut Margarita on my inability to commit to a set posting schedule.

Blame it also on my inability to hold my liquor.
blueberry coconut margarita1
Can you believe I made this margarita Sunday morning?
Can you believe I guzzled this sucka’ dooooown in like 20 seconds?
Can you believe I had to make a second margarita JUST to make sure it was worthy of posting? I had to savor that sucka’.
Can you believe I was tipsy on a Sunday morning? Like morning, morning?
Blueberry Coconut Margarita {mind-over-batter.com}
Because I was. Then I took a nap. Like a lush, I slept it off until my Moonbug was talking hunger.
Side bar – Can a sista’ take a nap?!
No. Not when you’re a mom and your kids are all, ‘Feed me, Seymour!’
My name is not Seymour.
That was my Sunday.
Blueberry Coconut Margarita {mind-over-batter.com}
That, four margaritas, meals. OK – five margaritas.
And some cookies.
Oh, man – The cookies! OK – Let’s talk cookies later.
Right now, flow with me… Let’s talk about this Blueberry Coconut Margarita.
Blueberry Coconut Margarita {mind-over-batter.com}
Peep that pretty, pretty, pretty girly hue.
I made two syrups – A blueberry simple syrup and a coconut milk syrup. You will end up with loads of fruit syrup; which is precisely why I drank those margaritas on a Sunday morning/afternoon/evening. Syrup stores well in the fridge and last for weeks. Thought it would prove useful to know these things.
Blueberry Coconut Margarita {mind-over-batter.com}
Limes. You’re going to need limes. You can’t call it a margarita unless there’s a lime in it somewhere. And you’re sorta kinda gonna need the lime to balance out this sweet, sweet situation. It’s a bit on the sweet side.
Coconut tequila. There is such a thing. It’s not a rumor. Go straight to the dude who sells you booze and ask for it. 1800, baby. You can go the reposado or a route which suits your fancy.  Doesn’t HAVE to be coconut. It’s encouraged, I was going for an enhanced coconut flavor. Blueberries can be overpowering, ya’ dig? Even with the syrup, coconut tequila, and coconut water – The coconut flavor is subtle. It’s there. Just subtle.
Blueberry Coconut Margarita {mind-over-batter.com}
I busted out my cocktail shaker and muddler for this. I’m a grownup now. I rimmed a glass with salt. It’s in the margarita rule book. Not too much; just a little bit.
I smashed some blueberries, half a lime, and some lime juice in my shaker. It felt very ‘Cocktail’. Not like Tom Cruise, like the other guy. I must be the only person on earth who cannot stand Tom Cruise.
Pfft to Tom Cruise.
Blueberry Coconut Margarita {mind-over-batter.com}
Back to the margarita.
I followed it with simple syrup, coconut water, tequila, and some ice. Then I shook, shook, shook ‘till that situation was ice cold.
Pour. On the rocks. I’m a rocks chick. You live your life your way. Sip that margarita. Or knock it back. Again, live your life. Repeat. In my case, I repeated for two days. I dug this margarita. Hard. It’s sweet, sweet and tart. My kind of drink. It sneaks up on you – Though I feel it more tequila’s fault than anything else.

I know I’m late on this one. National Margarita Day was yesterday. I’ve been drinking for two days.

Forgive me.

I have margaritas!

You can’t be angry at someone who brings margaritas.

OK… You’ll forgive me around margarita three.
Blueberry Coconut Margarita {mind-over-batter.com}
Or four.
I’m sure of it.

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