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Coconut Lime Pound Cake

I have a stray hair on my neck. A hair discovered by Mr. M.O.B. about 8 years ago. He proceeded to point, laugh, pluck it from my neck, and show it to me as proof of impending geriatric-dom. It was cruel, but I may have deserved it… As I stared at the curly, fugly, stray... read more →

A Birthday, a Birthday!!

My Moonbug turned 3, so I baked her a cake. I bake for my kids every single year; ever since I took a cake decorating class back in “o6″. My love of baking began with cake decorating. I own more cake decorating tools than I know what to do with. I kinda sorta obsess. A... read more →

Cottage Cheese & Onion Herb Bread

The M.O.B. Song Breakout: C+C Music Factory ~ Gonna Make You Sweat I’ve never joined a gym – I’m a realist. I can’t pay for a service I’ll rarely, if ever use – So I don’t do gyms – And, well… I kinda have issues with commitment, and this insane fear of germs. I’m also... read more →
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