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I’d Melt With You…

I have a confession to make. Here it goes… I heart chocolate! All chocolate, doesn’t matter what type. Give me an 80% bittersweet chocolate bar and I will chomp it down like a Snickers. Yes peeps, it’s that bad.  It’s no secret that if I’m going to say or do something, chances are I’m going to... read more →

The June Cleaver Experiment…

You remember June Cleaver, dont you? What, you don’t? Come on – Everyone remembers The Beaver’s mom! Follow me on this short journey down TV’s memory lane… June Cleaver was the quintessential doting wife and mother of the 1950’s.  Ladylike in demeanor, she sported a perfectly coiffed “do”, dress, and pumps even while frosting cake in her... read more →
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