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S’mores Skillet Brownie

Warm skillet brownie batter, mixed with crushed graham crackers and topped with melted marshmallows. This S’mores Skillet Brownie is the real deal. Get it!

Raise your hand if you straight jacked your kids’ Halloween candy? I know, me too. I had, um… I had some pushback this year. My daughter is approaching tween age and she was not having it. Citing rights like she lives in a democracy. Pfft… Democracy. Not in my house.
I played durty, durty. Since I purchased the bag which held the candy I told her the candy ‘technically’ belonged to me, even if she did all the work.
Again, this did not go over well.

She could have her candy.
She had to mortgage her candy from me. Her payment? Chores. On time. Every single day.
I offered her two rates, as any good mortgage lender would. I offered her an 8% fixed or a 5% variable rate. Following ten or so minutes of protest – where she (rightfully) accused me of playing ‘Government’ with her candy – she chose the variable rate, then promptly asked what a variable meant. She was right to be suspicious of my intentions. When I explained that variable meant I reserved my right to raise her rates to 20%, she chose the 8% fixed. I’m raising that one right.

I have been taking more than my 8% share. Much more. I’d say about 20%. I was never good at math and what the hell is 8% of candy, anyway? I’m not counting her pieces and calculating percentages. I’m just jacking her shit because her candy bag has all the Snickers and the Laffy Taffy. I’m doing it a little at time, so as not to attract scrutiny. I didn’t take all the good pieces. I left her some. I’m so good, she can’t tell I’m straight jacking her candy.

Shit, I’m well on my way to White Collar Candy Crime status.
Now flow with me and let’s talk about this S’mores Skillet Brownie. How is this related to candy crime? It’s not.
It’s been a while and you need a recipe.
I used a basic brownie recipe and folded crushed graham crackers into the batter. I allowed the batter to bake long enough to set. The brownies cool a little bit in the skillet. I topped the brownies with marshmallows and placed the skillet in the oven until the marshmallows browned. Finally, I sprinkled more crushed graham crackers. I mean, we’re still living this 2017 reality show.

Serve warm or with ice cream. I say go for the ice cream. Bake these brownies to help wean yourself off Halloween candy.
Or you can have them both.
I am.

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