Gooey Banana Coconut Brownies

Left under baked, these Gooey Banana Coconut Brownies are the ultimate comfort food. Serve with a scoop of ice cream for extra comfort. I won’t judge!

Don’t mind me, I’m dropping off some brownies. Let’s call these self-care brownies.

We’re collectively going through some shit, in varying degrees.

It’s there.


Seeping and toxic.

It stinks.

The type of stink that permeates floorboards and no matter how much cleanser you spray that fucker, it never goes away.

When I began posting recipes with frequency back in 2014, my goal was always to provide you two minutes of humorous commentary and a recipe that would inspire you to get your ass in the kitchen. Many of y’all come for the commentary, for my self-deprecating humor, my struggles with exercise, and how I’d fare in the event of an apocalypse (I wouldn’t make it, y’all!). And that’s cool. I’m here doing the universe’s work. My ability to find the humor in every situation is a genetic trait.

Lately, though… Lately I am having a hard time viewing the events unfolding daily with humor.

Sometimes it’s a struggle to bake.

It’s a struggle to unfurl from the fetal position.

I’ll try harder.

For me.

For you.


Now flow with me and let’s talk about these Gooey Banana Coconut Brownies.

My counter is always full of ripening bananas. I think I buy them with this intent; ripening and then pushing my creative boundaries.

These brownies aren’t really all that creative. They are, however, delicious. It’s a simple brownie mix studded with sweetened coconut flakes and mashed bananas.

I leave the brownie mixture purposely under baked. When it cools it solidifies some, yet remains somewhat gooey. If you choose, bake them an additional five minutes. They will retain their gooey texture.

The photos show them still warm, the center fluid when hot. I’m the type who refuses to wait for brownies to cool. In fact, I cut these and immediately following this photo shoot, I scooped dulce de leche ice cream over them and went in.

It’s why I’m topping the scales at a cool 190.

Get your self-care on.

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