Gooey and Chewy Toffee Brownies

Moist chocolate brownies, chocolate chips, and super chewy lightly salted toffee in every bite!
Moist and Chewy Toffee Brownies --
Today we’re talking about brownies.
But first… Toffee.
There’s an obsession with toffee.
Sugar, butter, vanilla extract, salt. Melted and caramelized.
Moist and Chewy Toffee Brownies --
A gorgeous amber hue.
Toffee cooled, then broken into pieces which resemble amber shards of glass.
Semi-sweet chocolate and squares of rich yellow butter, melted over a pot of simmering water.
Melting together.
Not poetry, flow-e-try.
Moist and Chewy Toffee Brownies --
Sugar, sugar – Two sugars mixed into a melted chocolate and butter mixture.
Arm action.
Moist and Chewy Toffee Brownies --
Eggs added.
Whisk, whisk, whisk.
Four, five eggs and vanilla extract. Whisk, but not too much. Just enough to make the mix resemble pudding.
Moist and Chewy Toffee Brownies --
Flour sprinkled and folded. Folded ever so carefully because gluten is a son of a bitch and once activated it cannot be reversed.
Chips and toffee, folded into the batter. What’s the point of this, you ask? Ensuring one or both in each and every bite.
Brownie batter poured in a dish and smoothed with a spatula.
The surface adorned with chocolate chips and shards of toffee.
Moist and Chewy Toffee Brownies --
Dish in the oven.
Timer set. 42, 43, 44 minutes.
Patiently wait.
The brownie batter bakes.
Chocolate chips and toffee melt and bubble.
Out of the oven brownies cool. Buttery toffee solidifies.
Moist and Chewy Toffee Brownies --
You wait.
Or don’t.
You eat those brownies warm.
Ice cream scoops and forks.
Those much more disciplined wait.
Moist and Chewy Toffee Brownies --
Cut into squares.
Gooey brownie squares.
Bites of chocolate chips.
Bites of toffee.
Bites of… Of nothing else matters.
The world can disintegrate in the background and so long as you have these brownies everything will be alright.
Moist and Chewy Toffee Brownies --

Gooey Chewy Toffee Brownies --

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