Bright Lemon Vanilla Curd

Silky, vibrant, lip-puckering, bright, yellow, and delicious. Resolve to spread this Bright Lemon Vanilla Curd on all the things!

Bright Lemon Vanilla Curd {}

Happy New Year guys!!!!

I’m all out of confetti; otherwise I’d throw you some. How was your New Year’s? Are you still hung over? I’m still hung over. 38 means you can’t recover like 21.

How are those resolutions going?




Strawberry Lemon Bars ~

I haven’t kept a resolution since 1998. I’m a procrastinator. I’ll just put it off till December 15th and then I’ll try to, like, lose 10 pounds in two weeks. I’m just not built that way; the resolution way. I’m a better chick than I was yesterday. That should be enough.  It works for me. If resolutions are your deal – Go for it, boo.

Since you’re about the resolution deal, can you resolve to eat more Lemon Vanilla Curd?


Why someone would name something this appetizing, this silky pudding smooth, curd is beyond me. Curd sounds like something you find at the bottom of a long expired milk carton – Except it is not.

Totally not.

This Lemon Vanilla Curd is… My gosh – How can one describe This Bright Lemon Vanilla Curd without jumping for joy? Cartwheeling across a football field? Booty dancing down the hall?

Bright Lemon Vanilla Curd {}

Lemon Vanilla Curd is exquisite. Bright. Bracing. The perfect use of lemon zest, tart lemon juice, and vanilla. Zest some lemons and be happily transported to the brightest recesses of your brain. Happy thoughts. All happy thoughts. The toughest part of making lemon curd is zesting lemons, and even that is a pleasurable experience (‘member happy thoughts?). Once the lemons are free of their zest and squeezed of their juice, you add some vanilla bean paste and extract. There is some cooking, about 10 minutes worth of constant stirring. Once it cools, though. Mmm… Once it cools and you dip your spoon into that dazzling sweet/tart situation, it’s all sunshine.

Bright sunshine.

You will be hard-pressed to stop.

Lemon Vanilla Curd.

Spread it on everything.

You won’t regret it.

Bright Lemon Vanilla Curd {}


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