Baileys Irish Cream Marshmallows

 Make your next steaming mug of hot chocolate Irish with these Baileys Irish Cream Marshmallows!

Baileys Irish Cream Marshmallows {}

Hot chocolate weather is close to its bitter winter end. As much as I love a nice mug of steaming hot chocolate floating with marshmallows, I am glad this cold snowy situation is almost over.

Baileys Irish Cream Marshmallows {}

I am ready to greet the flowers in bloom and longer days. I’m ready to shave my legs because let’s face it – It’s been furry under these tights.

I wait for spring with a mixture of anxiety (can you get here already?!) and gusto (YEAH!).

But first… Let’s say goodbye to winter, to hot chocolate, to all this damn snow in style homies.

Baileys Irish Cream Marshmallows {}

Next week the Irish celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. And the rest of America adopts a country as its own. I’m equal opportunity when it comes to celebrations.

Kiss me hot dammit – I’m Irish.

Baileys Irish Cream Marshmallows {}

Kiss me – I made Bailey’s Irish Cream marshmallows.

Boozy marshmallow situations are the shizz. If you haven’t tried them, I suggest you hit this one. Do not hesitate.

Boozy marshmallows are simple. You cook down sugar and corn syrup with booze. Then you whip the syrup into bloomed gelatin. Seriously – It is that simple.

Of course there’s a setting period. You have stuff to do, right?


Baileys Irish Cream Marshmallows {}

You have a Kelly green St. Patrick’s Day outfit to pick out. You have to unroll your flag, make sure it’s tight for the occasion. You come back, cut your marshmallows, make a lil’ hot chocolate; toss the marshmallows in there… Put your feet up.

Homemade marshmallows melt much, much faster than store-bought. In no time at all you’ll have a Bailey’s Irish Cream infused hot chocolate.

And that is how you celebrate the end of a season, my friend.

Go for yours.

Baileys Irish Cream Marshmallows --

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