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The Best Sandwich Bread Ever!

I admit: The photos won’t do this bread justice. Composition ain’t my forte, folks. Can we just use our words today?
The Best Sandwich Bread Ever! {}
A popular staple food, well-known in the deepest recesses of earth since prehistoric times. You travel to Calcutta, Siberia, or even Narnia and there it is: Some form of bread, leavened or not.
Challah Bread {}
Its significance goes beyond nutrition. Bread is built into the social and emotional construct. You can’t think of a childhood PB&J between two slices of Wonder Bread and not feel some level of nostalgia. It’s not the Peanut butter – though I have a soft spot for Skippy, nor the jelly. It’s the bread. Two pieces of soft bread giving way to sticky peanut butter and sweet, artificially flavored jelly.
The Best Sandwich Bread Ever! {}
Bread is prominent in everyday life, woven into life’s tapestry.
I try to bake my own bread as much as I can. The problem is usually yield. The kneading, the waiting, and sometimes you end up with one loaf of bread which lasts like a day. No, really. Freshly baked bread in my house lasts less than 24 hours. It’s like a bread party in my house.
This bread recipe, however, makes two hugemongous loaves. Mmmhmm – That’s right.
Two gigantic freshly baked loaves of bread to carbo-load on.
The Best Sandwich Bread Ever! {}
The soft yeasted dough comes together rapidly and rises to perfection. You will need a giant bowl to accommodate the rise.
This bread is soft, much like store-bought sandwich bread and pleasantly hearty. It’s perfect for sandwiches (oh, the sandwiches!), French toast, or just holding and munching in front of your TV.
Which I have done.
A lot.
No shame in my bread game.

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