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Banana Pecan Sticky Buns

I parted my hair differently just to see what I’d look like and I spotted a gray hair. Way to ruin a morning. I gasped, took a closer look and it was, indeed a gray hair – smack dab in the middle of my cool spiky-ish hair part for all to gawk at. And point…And laugh.... read more →

Broccoli Lasagna Roll Ups

It’s good to plan ahead. I try it as much as I can. It’s nice. Well…Sometimes it’s not so nice. Sometimes the best laid plans go wrong despite your best intentions. At times I plan to not cook or plan not to work too hard. What? A chick reserves the right to close her 4... read more →

With Love, 5-Cheese Macaroni And Cheese

My Dearest Cupid, I see you gallivanting about with your cherub face, heart shaped arrows and little cloth diaper. While we’re on the subject – Aren’t you a little too old to wear diapers? Just saying… You’re thousands of years old. Shouldn’t you be potty trained? Ok, never mind. We won’t discuss the diaper. It’s... read more →

Chicken Calzone ‘A La’ Marinara

I’m not perfect. Not for lack of trying, I’m just not perfect. I screw up a lot; plus I’m terribly clumsy. Now that I think of it, it’s why I’d love to acquire super powers. Acquiring super powers will make me perfect. Superheroes make mistakes too. I’m totally aware of that, but when they’re out... read more →
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