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English Muffin Dinner

Every so often, perhaps once a month the M.O.B. Crew has breakfast for dinner. I find it a nice reprieve from the usual “dinner” food. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but breakfast for dinner blankets our night with color. It excites us. Something about having pancakes or eggs for dinner makes us… Happy. Our home smells... read more →

A lazy meal? Deal!

Thanksgiving is in a couple of days. I haven’t even started my pie dough. I’ve been crazy tired and grumpy lately. Perhaps I should up my B12 intake and go back to eating bacon. I quit eating bacon. That has nothing to do with pie dough, or even this post; just thought I’d share. I think... read more →

Vintage in stilettos…

So I made an apron… Uh-huh… Sho’ did… That’s the project I was obsessing over last week. The one that prevented me from baking those cheddar biscuits, remember? That little project of mine took almost 2 days to complete. I’ll explain… I own a sewing machine, but haven’t sewn a damn thing since late 2005... read more →


Don’t worry; it’s not a new language, or a fashion trend. It is not a new crayon color, or bathroom tile scheme. It’s a meal – To be more precise, its fried rice with chicken and veggies. Cooked by me, a Dominican. Get it? Wait, wait – Keep reading! I never know what to do... read more →

Accepting the unexpected…

  Halloween… Since I was a kid it has been one of my favorite holidays. You’ve got to love a holiday that allows you step into someone else and rewards your efforts with candy –  Come on, now! As I child, I always pretended I was someone else; but when Halloween rolled around, I could actually dress up and... read more →

Letting go…

Song Of The Post — Boys ll Men – Its So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday   Have you ever let go of something?  Something you felt would be of better use elsewhere.  Do you find yourself really, really missing that something? read more →

I confess…

I’m a shopaholic… I am. Thought I’d be honest and admit this fact straight away. Provide a window into the world that is Mrs. M.O.B., if only for one entry. So yes, I’m a shopaholic. I shop almost all the time, for many reasons, and usually in bulk. Big bulk. The Never-Own-Less-Than-60-Rolls-of-Toilet-Paper-At-One-Time kind of bulk. *Sigh*…... read more →

My Sweetest Mistake…

Song Of The Moment: “Sweet Thing” ~~ Mary J. Blige Aren’t blueberries awesome? Yea, they rock. I’m an admitted blueberry addict, you know. Every summer I suffer from what I term a “Blue Period”. That’s where I start to fill my freezer with blueberries. You know, for emergencies and stuff. I store them like a... read more →
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